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In PowerPoint, there are two helpful features: the Search function and the Help function.

Search Function: The Search function in PowerPoint allows you to quickly find specific commands, features, or settings within the application. 

It is located at the top of the PowerPoint window, you'll find a search box "Tell me what you want to do" or a magnifying glass icon.

Clicking on the box or icon opens a text field where you can enter keywords related to what you're looking for. As you type, PowerPoint starts displaying relevant search results, including commands, options, and help articles. You can select any search result to access the associated feature or command directly. The Search function helps you save time by locating specific tools or functions without having to navigate through menus and tabs manually.

Let's pretend I forgot to add a theme to my PowerPoint presentation:

Help Function: The Help function in PowerPoint provides comprehensive assistance and information about the application's features, commands, and troubleshooting. 

Usually on the ribbon, you'll typically find a "Help" button.

You can enter keywords or questions related to the topic or task you need help with, as you type, PowerPoint suggests relevant help articles and topics related to your query.

You can select a suggested topic or click on "Get Help on morph transactions" to open the Help panel or a web browser window. The Help pane or web browser displays detailed information, step-by-step instructions, and troubleshooting tips related to your query.

You can browse through different sections, search for specific topics, or explore related articles to find the guidance you need.

The Search and Help functions in PowerPoint are valuable resources for quickly locating specific commands, learning about features, and accessing detailed assistance. They make it easier to find what you need and enhance your overall experience with the software.

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