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​The PowerPoint interface is designed to provide a user-friendly environment for creating, editing, and presenting slide-based presentations. Here is a general description of the PowerPoint interface (highlihted in yellow):

Title Bar: Located at the top of the window, the title bar displays the name of the currently opened presentation and provides options to minimize, maximize, or close the PowerPoint window.​

TITLE BAR_edited.jpg

Ribbon: The ribbon is a prominent feature of the PowerPoint interface. It is a horizontal strip located near the top of the window and consists of multiple tabs, each containing related groups of commands. The tabs include options like Home, Insert, Design, Transitions, Animations, and more. The ribbon provides quick access to various formatting, design, and presentation tools.


Command Group: In PowerPoint, command groups refer to the categorization of related functions and tools within each tab on the ribbon. Each tab contains multiple command groups, which are organized based on their functionalities. Here are some commonly found command groups in PowerPoint:

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