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LEFT, MID, and RIGHT are fundamental Text Functions in Excel that allow us to extract specific portions from a text string. With these functions, we can extract various parts from a text string, such as the first three letters, the last five letters, or a specific range of characters from the middle of a sentence.

LEFT function: =LEFT(text, num_chars)

  • text – This can be either a string that you type, or a cell reference from which we want to extract our substring.

  • num_chars – How many characters we would like to extract from the left?

RIGHT function: =RIGHT(text, num_chars)

  • Only this time, we will be extracting the number of characters in num_chars from the right part of the text.

MID function: ​=MID(text,start_num,num_chars)

  • text – The text from which we want to extract

  • start_num – What is the position of the first character we want to start extracting?

  • num_chars – From the start_num position, how many characters would we like to extract?

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