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INDEXMATCH is a lookup function that is widely regarded as an improved alternative to the traditional VLOOKUP function. Although referred to as a single function, INDEXMATCH is actually a combination of two separate Excel functions: INDEX and MATCH.

The syntax of the function is: =INDEX(array,MATCH(lookup_value,lookup_array,[match_type])

Why would you want to use INDEX MATCH instead of VLOOKUP?

VLOOKUP encounters certain issues that can make it problematic in specific scenarios:

  • VLOOKUP encounters difficulties when a column within the table array is deleted or a new column is added, potentially leading to incorrect results or #REF errors.

  • Working with large table arrays, such as those with 50 columns, can be confusing and easy to lose track of.

  • In terms of performance, INDEX MATCH is generally regarded as superior to VLOOKUP, particularly when dealing with large tables.

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