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The MATCH function is used to locate the position of a specific value within a row or column. The position is indicated as a relative number, representing the index of the value within the array. For instance, in the array {“A”,”B”,”C”}, the position of "C" is 3.

The syntax of the function is:  =MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type])

  • lookup_value – The value that we are looking for

  • lookup_array – The range in which we want to find the value

  • [match_type] – The options for this argument are: -1 , 0 or 1. We will use the argument of 0 in 99% of the time as this means we want EXACT match. -1 and 1 will cause the function to look for approximate match, and can be useful when we are looking for approximate numerical match. 

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