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The IFERROR function in Excel allows you to display a user-defined error message when an Excel error occurs.

Excel errors can take various forms, including the following examples:

  1. #N/A – Value not found

  2. #DIV/0 – Division by zero

  3. #REF – Cell/Range reference error. Example: formula references a deleted row.

  4. #NAME – Invalid name error, usually happens when a formula name is not spelled correctly.

  5. #VALUE – Value error (can happen when a formula is used incorrectly)

IFERROR is widely used when combined with VLOOKUP to assist regular users in understanding the cause of a problem. By adding custom text to the IFERROR function, users can gain insight into the reason for the error and receive a more meaningful explanation.

The syntax of the function is: =IFERROR(value,value_if_error)

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